Nothing Exciting

I have once again been really bad about keeping my blog up to date. The past month or so I feel like we haven't really been too exciting. I could blog about all the trips to the store I take, but who wants to read that! The next month or two is going to be really busy so hopefully I will have more to blog about!! Please stay tuned!!



We decided that we had had enough of the Utah winter. Dark, dreary, cold, inversion filled days. So we decided to pack up and head down to sunny, warm Arizona to stay with our friends, Billy & Angela. It was a perfect 6 days there. The girls swam, and jumped on the tramp everyday, we layed out by the pool, picked oranges off the trees and had fresh orange juice with breakfast, shopped around at all the awesome stores that Utah doesnt have. Ate dinner at all the awesome restuarants that Utah doesnt have. Drove around and looked at 24 million dollar houses in Paradise Valley. It was just what we needed!

No More Training Wheels

Laney has just learned how to ride her bike without training wheels. She does pretty good. She keeps looking down at the pedals instead of looking up where she is going so she stops a lot. But she will get the hang of it.

Pictures by Laney

I saw Laney sneak upstairs a couple of weeks ago with the camera. These are the pictures she took. So funny!



This thing has been countless hours of fun for our girls, all the cousins and all the neighbor kids. Its the perfect size for all of them and it doesn't go too fast. The kids love to hook up their sleds behind it and be pulled around the park. It saved us hearing were bored during winter break that's for sure!!


Avi's Bronco Jersey

We got Avi a Broncos jersey for Christmas and she wore it for 7 days straight. She slept in it, would shower and but it back on. I finally had to pry it off her and wash it!! She is so funny about things like that.

Christmas Day